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Part 2 of the trip: Bulgan and Arkhangai

Khankhar Uul (Bulgan). At about 2 pm we reach the next camp Khankhar Uul. Wandering around the mountain ridge you can find the Khamba monastery (Erdene Khambiin Khiid). The mountain ridge behind the camp is called Khögnö Khan Uul.

In the night we have a fantastic sky full of stars. You just cannot get it this way at home. It was even more impressive with bare eyes, better than the photograph shows.

Ögii Nuur (Arkhangai). We continue to the west and get to our next Camp at the Ögii Nuur. This is a nice lake, offering some opportunity for swimming or boating trips. And there is a nice sunset over the camp in the evening.

Around 11 pm, lights in the yurts start to blink. The power generator will be shut down in a few minutes. This is going to be dark, really dark. Where is my flashlight?

Tsetserleg. We leave the camp in the morning and have a stopover at Tsetserleg, the capital of the aimag. In the supermarket we discover several well-known brands from supermarkets in Germany. We leave the city after a short while, knowing that we will return in some days again.

Taikhar Chuluu. Some more kilometers to the west we reach Taikhar Chuluu, a strange, huge rock in the plain. There are some stands for tourists, and we test our archery skills. I almost hit the target at the first attempt! In the evening we take a walk in the grassy plain.

Khorgo und Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. We continue westbound through the aimag Arkhangai. The gorge of the river Chuluut Gol offers us tremendous views. A bit later we arrive at the Khorgo volcano and walk up to the rim. Later, in the afternoon, we have a bath in the nearby Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. All but me; the water is not crystal-clear as announced but murky green. No thanks.

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