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Part 6 of the trip: Ömnögov' (2)

Khongoryn Els. Continuing westbound through Gobi, with 25°C in the shades. Comfortable temperature indeed. In the distance we see Khongoryn Els, a 100 km long stretch of sand. The camp Gov' Erdene (Gobi Treasure) offers us an unexpected luxury: log cabins. And private bathrooms.

In the evening we visit yet another nomad family. We get some snuff, a quick check of the yurt's minibar, camel cheese, and airag (fermented mare milk).

Early next morning (I mean, really early, getting up at 4:30 am) we drive out to the dunes, and wait for the sunrise. Yes, again, unbelievable. You need to see that. The colors, the small ripples on the sand, which almost looks like snow in the backlight.

Later that day, we drive over dusty tracks, but not alone - there are plenty of other tourist buses on their ways.

Lammergeier valley. At about 3 pm, we arrive at Yolyn Am, the valley of the Lammergeier (vulture). The bottom of this gorge never sees direct sunlight, so in some years, the snow and ice never melts. However, at least this year, nothing is left of it; maybe this is a sign of the global warming. In fact, it is not really cold, you can walk through the water with bare feet. In the small museum near the main road there are some stuffed animals and information about the area.

In the evening we reach our next stop, Gobi Oasis. It is located about 10 km northwest of Dalanzadgad, the capital of the Ömnögov' (south Gobi) aimag.

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