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We're heading along the south coast - with many interesting stops on our way.

Our start is at our hotel in Laugarvatn. After a short stop at a supermarket, we reach the next waterfall, the Seljalandsfoss. After that, we arrive at Skógar, where we visit the Byggðasafnið að Skógum (Skógar historic and open air museum), before we get to the Skógafoss, the next impressive waterfall, this time even in bright sunlight.

Our trip leads us along the coast, crossing far-stretched lava sand plains (looks like black rubble over kilometers). Some time later, we are standing at the Dyrhólaey ("door hole island"). There we find rugged cliffs, far sights along the coast, lots of puffins in the rock face. We drive to the other side of the lagoon to the Reynisfjall. Many basalt columns form the foot of this hill. The sand of this beach is pitch black. As the end of this day, we arrive at the Búrfell hotel in Steig, a few kilometers back the road.

Starting from here on the next day, we cross some more sanders (lava fields) on the next morning, have a short stop-over in Kirkubæjarsklaustur, and then get to our next hiking path. But we are not heading for the Svartifoss or Hundafoss waterfalls, but instead walk up to a vista point where we have a great view of the plain and the glacierSkaftafellsjökull. It is, however, just a part of a much larger glacier, the Vatnajökull. Our hiking tour leads us for about an hour up to the ridge, where we have a lunch, and then descent again to get to the bus.

A few minutes later we arrive at the glacier lagoon Fjallsárlón. We have a ride on inflatable boats and get really close to the Fjallsjökull from which icebergs regularly break off. In fact, while we are in the middle of the lagoon, a loud bang occurs, and a piece of the glacier breaks off. Later, we walk along the banks of the Jökulsá, with lots of melting icebergs. Fun fact: The Jökulsá was blocked to make the Jökulsárlón freeze for the James Bond movie "Die another day".

After that we continue our trip until we arrive at Höfn, taking our rooms in the local Edda hotel.

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