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Part 3 of the trip: Arkhangai and Kharkhorin

Tsetserleg. We continue eastward again, visiting Tsetserleg a second time. We walk through the market halls, the container market (where the stands are actually containers). For lunch, we enjoy a hotpot dish, which is actually well-known at home as traditional Mongolian, but obviously not here.

Tsenkher. At about 5:30 pm we get to the next camp at Tsenkher. This one has an obvious touristic focus. There are hot pools outside, and a set of buildings for lavatories and a large restaurant.

After breakfast we drive through some difficult, muddy terrain; some other tourists seem to be in trouble - you really need an all-terrain car here. There is not always a bridge when you need one.

Erdene Dsuu (Övörkhangai). At noon we visit Erdene Zuu, the first buddhist monastery in Mongolia. It was destroyed in 1937 except for the walls and some few buildings. Since 1990, parts were restored, and the monastery was reopened. Outside of the walls we have a look at the excavation site, where remnants of the antique capital of Genghis Khan can be seen.

Munkh Tenger (near Kharkhorin). In the afternoon, we reach the Munkh Tenger camp near Kharkhorin. Later, we visit the Karakorum museum and then have a walk in the beautiful landscape.

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Part 2 of the trip: Bulgan and Arkhangai

Khankhar Uul (Bulgan). At about 2 pm we reach the next camp Khankhar Uul. Wandering around the mountain ridge you can find the Khamba monastery (Erdene Khambiin Khiid). The mountain ridge behind the camp is called Khögnö Khan Uul.

In the night we have a fantastic sky full of stars. You just cannot get it this way at home. It was even more impressive with bare eyes, better than the photograph shows.

Ögii Nuur (Arkhangai). We continue to the west and get to our next Camp at the Ögii Nuur. This is a nice lake, offering some opportunity for swimming or boating trips. And there is a nice sunset over the camp in the evening.

Around 11 pm, lights in the yurts start to blink. The power generator will be shut down in a few minutes. This is going to be dark, really dark. Where is my flashlight?

Tsetserleg. We leave the camp in the morning and have a stopover at Tsetserleg, the capital of the aimag. In the supermarket we discover several well-known brands from supermarkets in Germany. We leave the city after a short while, knowing that we will return in some days again.

Taikhar Chuluu. Some more kilometers to the west we reach Taikhar Chuluu, a strange, huge rock in the plain. There are some stands for tourists, and we test our archery skills. I almost hit the target at the first attempt! In the evening we take a walk in the grassy plain.

Khorgo und Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. We continue westbound through the aimag Arkhangai. The gorge of the river Chuluut Gol offers us tremendous views. A bit later we arrive at the Khorgo volcano and walk up to the rim. Later, in the afternoon, we have a bath in the nearby Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. All but me; the water is not crystal-clear as announced but murky green. No thanks.

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In August 2019 I took a chance to travel to Iceland for the second time; the first one is already long ago, 1996. This time I went for a Studiosus Hiking trip, 10 days (Iceland tours are quite expensive, so this had to suffice). The trip was from Aug 02 to Aug 11, 2020.

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Part 1 of the trip: Ulaanbaatar and Töv

Traveling to Mongolia. Departure from Airport Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Check-in takes a bit longer today, since several Mongolian families returning home attempt to check in a greater deal of stuff. The flight goes against the clock, so it becomes dark soon, and we will arrive in the dawn. We are traveling with Mongolian Airlines.

Ulaanbaatar. We have a short walk in the city on the first day, going to the Museum of Mongolian History, the Bogd Khan Palace, and to the Zaisan monument where we have a great view over the city. Back in downtown Ulaanbaatar, we visit the central Süchbaatar place, where Genghis Khan reclines majestically on his throne at the northern end. In the evening we watch a Mongolian theater performance. No photographs are allowed there, and the staff eagerly watches you and shoots at you with green laser pointers, should you dare to raise a camera or smartphone.

Next day, we visit the Gandan monastery (Gandantegchinlen Khiid), with the certainly most impressive, golden statue of Janraisig, taller than 26 meters. After that, our journey begins, and we head towards the wild west.

Töv. This is the aimag (province) around Ulaanbaatar; its name simply means "center". On our way we encounter one of the most famous landmarks of Mongolia, an Ovoo (stone heap), as the first one on our trip. In the afternoon we arrive at the Khustain Nuruu National Park and move into our first yurts. Later, we meet Przewalski horses (Takhi) in the area.

Next morning, we already leave the camp and proceed westbound.

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