Anything new to report?

The Mongolia picture album is now finished, all pictures got captions in German and English. Quite a lot of work, but I think it was worth it. Next task for me is some work in MAME, and then I'll finally get to the pictures from Iceland and Madeira.

In September I visited Madeira, a Portuguese island west of Morocco, some hundred kilometers north from the Canary islands. I brought a lot of pictures from there, but it seems as if I'm getting in trouble catching up ...

At the beginning of August I spent some days on Iceland, and those pictures still wait for sorting and editing.

Vacation time can be stressful.

Apart from that, as usual, you will find some information about my hobby activities on these pages, including photography (particular on vacation trips), and computer technology of various kinds.

If you found your way here for having a look at my vacation pictures, please follow the links below or use the menu point Travel. Note that you will not find closeup shots of people without login, according to privacy considerations.

There is a larger section about MAME in the TI-99 part. MAME is an emulation framework that allows for emulating countless systems from arcade cabinets to home computers. I am involved in MAME development for more than 10 years, focused on the TI-99 family. On these pages you will find some detail information not shown on the official MAME website, most notably, details about using the TI emulations, hints and manuals.